Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Chore Plan - Bonus Bucks

Mom's Idea #2 that I'm hoping to successfully implement is regarding chores.

The goal here is to get us all up and going in the morning so that we take full advatage of the day.  The kids have to have their chores done each day before playing with friends, and hopefully this way they will be motivated and up and going on their own and I won't have to nag and they will finish by lunch!

I plan for their chores to include:
  • Bedroom / Bed / Closet
  • Assigned Room & Kitchen Chore
  • Help Mom
  • Practice Music 1 hour
  • Read 1 hour
If they do all these things successfully and complete them before noon, they will receive a "Bonus Buck" which is an idea we did 2 years ago that worked well.  The Bucks they earn can be saved and used at "Mom's Store" which is open on Fridays.  I found this image that I printed up on green cardstock and cut up for the money.
The toner was a little smudged on some of them after printing.  As I was cutting them up, some of them would rub off and smear.  So then I thought I should laminate it or something... tried to made do with what I had so I wouldn't have to run an errand so I got some clear spray paint and sprayed them all.  Next time I'm going to do that before cutting them, cause those bucks would blow around as I sprayed them.  But the clear paint worked well, so I finished cutting and now I think we're ready for summer!  
Mom's Store will inclue $1, $5 and $10 treats and toys.  $1 items will be fun sized candy bars or small knick toys of the Zurcher type that cost me about 10 cents in real money.  $5 toys will include full sized candy bars and things that cost me about $1 in real money from the dollar store.  The $10 bin will be filled with toys and things that cost me $5- $6 in real money or certificates for outings or I don't know, something.  I will also let them know that if there is anything that they are really wanting for school in the fall, they need to save their bonus bucks to buy or help pay for that.  And the kids can save their $10 if they want till they can buy even bigger rewards at the real store.  I was also thinking they could have their own kid store where they can take their old toys or things they make to their own kid market and see what they come up with.

Heard of any other good ideas for summer?  I'm open to suggestions, although I need something that I won't need to manage too much, as I will have a newborn.  I had my 34 week appointment today, next appointment is in 2 weeks, then we'll go week to week.  I've been induced for 5 of my pregnancies, and I'm planning to go that route again this time.  The hospital will let you be induced when you are 39 weeks, so I talked to the Dr. today and said I'd like that and I'll be 39 on July 8th, so July 8th will be the day, I can call the hosptial to schedule it when I'm 37 weeks, so things are winding up, and I'm glad.  I'm feeling ultra large this past week and am really starting to waddle instead of walk.  Ready to reclaim my body.  

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