Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer of Torture

Well, I'm gearing up the kids to be ready for summer.  Hahaha, because once school is out that means there's no rush to get out the door, thus I get to hold them all hostage until they comply with my demands.  I thought we'd start this week with introducing my first "Hey, guess what we're doing this summer!!" idea which is: Eating Vegetables.

The kids have heard me blabbing on the past month about all the enlightenment I've received from reading Jonathan Bailor's "The Smarter Science of Slim" ~ I'm just feeling super empowered with health knowledge!  And the poor kids have to live this new lifestyle with me, so sad.  And I'm even prepared for their "I'm hungry" requests by keeping a plate of celery and vegetables on the counter to which I direct any such inquiring kids.
So evil of me.  Thankfully they are able find comfort in knowing the Roberts had to endure similar suffering childhoods.  We'll be having green smoothies for breakfast even.  
Monday was day 1 with a fruit smoothie.
Mel and Ethan did good eating it, Wesley wasn't so sure...
Now, my sweet Sophia has always been a willing captive, which I so appreciate.  She even likes Dr. Oz's super healthy green drink.  The Chocolate spinach protein shake was breakfast today.
So yeah, simple enough - first idea for summer is smoothies for breakfast, salads for lunch, and lots of sides of veggies for dinner.  We're gonna learn that it is good to feast of vegetables.  You know the 6-11 servings of grains recommended by the Government food pyramid?  Yeah, well scratch that off completely and replace it with vegetables.  10 or more servings a day.  Check out Jon's grocery shopping list for just two people, just him and his wife.  When I first read that, it looked like more than our family of 10 could do in a month.  Probably mostly has to do with a change in how we think about food and meals.  So we started off with baby steps the first two weeks with one bag of spinach and 3 romaine lettuce to warm us up, and then I upped the intensity on my last Coscto shopping trip with, get this, FOUR thingys of Romaine Lettuce (that's 24 heads) and two big bags of spinach and one bag of Kale.  Also got frozen fruit and veggies, salmon, shrimp, etc and 10 dozen eggs.  We went through the 10 dozen eggs on our last 2 week experiment, so that will be easy enough.  The vegetables though, I doubled those, ready for the green salads and smoothies.  Yes kids, we are going to eat more healthy.  Food that a person would see growing on a tree or in a garden. Real food.  A full fridge full of fresh and healthy food = full tummies full of fresh and healthy food.  And how easy is it to prep fruit and veggies?  You just have to rise them and cut them up, easy.  Minus the milk which I'm not a huge fan of, we might start easing up on that.  
It took me a month to come to terms with the idea of not buying bread.  I think I will grind wheat and make flour though, and we'll have one grain thing a day.  The kids get that for free, but I have to earn my carbs with a minimum 10 minute workout.  Easy enough.  :)

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