Thursday, June 27, 2013

Popcorn at the Movies

Yesterday Corey's parents invited all the grandkids to experience a special treat - a movie (Monsters University, cute flick), but it was not just a movie, it was a 3D movie, and not just a 3D movie, (and this is where my kids got excited) for it was a 3D movie WITH popcorn and a soda!!  It was a lot of bags of popcorn for toddlers to balance, but we made it safely to our seats with no spills and then they went to town.
Lily was cracking me up with her 3D glasses and popcorn consumption.
They didn't spill too much as they munched, but I was still glad I was not responsible for keeping those floors clean.
Corey felt ill around dinner time ~ all that mindless eating of popcorn...  But it was a dream come true for Ethan.  Corey asked him if popcorn at the movies fulfilled all his wildest dreams.  "Well, I didn't really get to experience it, cause my popcorn was gone before the movie started..."  I had been sitting by Ethan and yes, he was distraught when he finished off his bag during the last of the previews.  Too bad for you Ethan, that might be as close as you're going to come.  Corey just laughed.  "Well, let me help you... eating popcorn during a movie is a lot like eating it during the previews."  You're sitting in the dark... looking up at a big screen... putting popcorn into your mouth over and over again... yup, that's about what it's like.  It was a fun movie, thanks W&J!!

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  1. In the rare chance we buy popcorn @ movies I always get the large because you usually get one refill. I bring brown lunch bags that I cut shorter for each kid and fill them up with popcorn so now each kid has their own bag and we don't have to keep passing the bucket around. My kids are dying to Monsters U.


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