Friday, June 14, 2013

Pogo Stick Cello

The kids have been playing in the backyard all week, and they leave a constant mess out there to prove it.  Costumes, dishes, socks & shoes, stuffed animals, paper... you name it.  Whatever they need for whatever game they're playing, it's out there.  Last night I did peek out on their game and had to get a picture, and here it is:
That is Hyrum playing the cello.  Now I, having lost much of my childhood imagination, don't think I ever would have thought to make the pogo stick into a cello, but the kids pulled it off pretty convincingly.  The game went like this:
1) Press play on the Piano Guys 2 CD - track 3.
2) Kids run around here and there as mission impossible secret agents and you have to make it back to base before being caught (or something like that)
3) Switch stations
4) Repeat.
 The kids all took turns playing the background music to the game.
 A big tree pot or a upside down garbage can was their piano.
Abi was totally getting into the music, Jon Schmit-ing and Steven Sharp-ing her head to the rhythm.  I love it.  Love the Piano Guys and I love that my kids love their music.  What a great start to summer, these kids are having a perfect childhood, it makes me so happy!

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