Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Studio C

Corey has a new incentive for the kids.  If he ever needs to bribe them, he dangles out a "Studio C Clip" motive and they are quick to do his bidding.  I still use Kid History or Kid Snippets if I'm looking for a YouTube reward, but Corey didn't really get the humor in those, so I'm glad he found Studio C and that he likes it.  Fun activity for the kiddos and their dad as they all huddle around his smartphone like it's a warm fire on cold night of camping ~
Here are a few of our favorites:

My fav - definitely P90X (great Tony Horton impression!), Facebook Philanthropist is great too, and Naturally is cute.
Corey's favorites: ER Vet DivisionGrocery Bag, Gandalf, SidiousCowboys
And for the kids, they've got a lot, but we narrowed it down to these six:
Inner City Spelling BeePhone MagicianUgly Cop, and all of the Shoulder Angel clips, but especially that one with Shawn Bradley, oh, and all of the VISCIPAM spots, but especially Ping Pong and Man Cold.

And this one was before Studio C began when those people were all in Divine Comedy, but "Firebolt" is another classic that the kids love.  Don't let these suck away too much of your time!

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