Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Go For A Walk

The lovely summer weather and the beautiful cool evenings that we're enjoying right now are just the right combination for evening walks.  I don't know why the kids love it so much, but if we say "I'm going to go on a walk, anyone want to come?" ~ then you hear the thundering of feet as the kids drop whatever they're doing and each shout several times "I'm coming!  Wait for me!"  You'd think we'd just announced we're gonna go buy a puppy or that we're going to a birthday party.
It's cute cause it's such a simple thing,, and this simple thing seems to have equal pull as the major productions that we stress in pulling off once in a while.  It's easy and we could do it everynight for free and it takes just 15 minutes and all the kids are happy as clams.  Awesome.
The last walk we went on was fun cause we hooked up Sophia to her little toy and the kids took turns pulling her with the jumprope contraptions we made. Even Lily got a turn.
The scooter would vere left or right, so we'll just use the stroller next time.  But it did help us go nice and slow for my increasingly slow pregnant waddle.  Yes, 3 weeks left and I'm definitely at the waddle stage.
And I didn't have to bend over to do help correct her  her out cause as I slowly came up the rear I'd call to the kids to help get her back on the straight and narrow.  Lovely evening, I enjoy our family walks too.
(That little bunny your holding has big brown eyes that could compete with yours, Sophi.)
She's such a cutie.  Only got 3 more weeks of being the baby of the family, so sad.

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