Monday, July 11, 2016

Cute Hat

So on Saturday I went shopping for presents for Natalie's birthday. In one store, as I walked toward the toy isle, I saw a little hat in the baby section that I just had to get it. By looking at it, and knowing what a big boy my Owen is, I didn't think it would fit him long, but we should be able to make good use of it through the summer. And then we'll save it for his little brother for next year. So check out this cuteness!
As soon as we put it on him we all squealed with delight at what a cute little man we have! So far he hasn't liked wearing hats, so we were all very happy when he kept it on. He eventually got a little tired of it and took it off at each kid attempt to put in on. Yesterday before church, the kids really wanted him to wear it, so we were lucky to start fresh with a new day. We put it on right before we walked out the door... and... no little hands reaching up to pull it off! Hurry Mom! Get a picture!!
Then he wore it into the car - Owen you're so CUTE!! Let me take another picture!
He got tired of it after a while, but wore it again when church was over, thanks to Wesley's "keep Owen's hands distracted" strategy of carrying Owen on his back. 
Back in the car. He was looking a little sleepy... or maybe it's the heat?
Back at home, Wes kept holding his favorite little brother. I liked Owen's crossed ankles.
Owen, trying to hold on and not give into slumber... He lasted for about 5 minutes...
Next time I walked by, they were both out. I love pictures like this, you guys are too cute!
 I love my boys!
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