Sunday, July 10, 2016

Natalie is Three!

May I take this opportunity to wish happy birthday to the cutest three year old around.
I took this photo after church. I wanted to capture her in her favorite dress that will always remind me of her and is almost going to start being too small for her. Natalie has two modes of fashion: she's a princess in a dress, but occasionally runs around as a jungle child naked in a loin cloth (diaper). The latter is how she was dressed for bed last night. Thus how she was also dressed this morning as she came downstairs to the kitchen (a little too early I thought) and told me "I want cake." My mom had brought over a birthday cake and presents last night.
"Don't you want to wait for candles and for everyone else? We need to sing happy birthday!" She didn't care, so I gave her a slice and then went to wake up the rest of the crew to see if they wanted some healthy cake for breakfast. They were a little slow to come. We sang a song but forgot the candle, and the new three year old was very happy.
And we're teaching her to say she is three and how to hold up three fingers - that's it, you got it!
You're not "a two" anymore, you're "a three"! So Natalie ate all the sprinkles off her slice and then pushed the plate toward me and asked for more. "You have cake..."  But it's her party, so I scraped off a little from the sides and gave her more "cake" which she accepted. She ate the whipped cream and sprinkles and then left to follow Abi and Lily, who had presents for her and were eager to teach here what a birthday is really all about. They played for a while, complained when I made them bathe and get ready for church... Natalie cried when I stopped her game to rinse her off in the tub. You'll survive. I broke a sweat blowing their hair dry - so hot!! I'd like to run around like a jungle princess myself sometimes ~ these hot summer days!

When we got home from church, Abi helped Natalie get dressed in the dress up clothes she got for her - a crown, wand, and fairy wings. Then she helped put on her high heels and fancy Natalie was ready to go.
Luckily I was able to change her out of her favorite dress before it got dirty - thanks to a new Elsa outfit from my mom. Soon Corey's parents came over with more gifts. The older kids, as always, were eager to help unwrap the gifts.
Natalie and Sophi both got a cute dress up set. Wes was checking out his good looks in the mirror as he combed his hair...
Then he and Abi really got into some funny character roles: Wes seems to be doing a Mr. Bean impression, Abi is just a fashionista.
I couldn't decide which was the best of these three photos, so here ya go with all three.
You kids crack me up. 
Wes and Abi were enjoying making fun of the dress ups, but for Sophi, this was legit. She really is a fashion queen, and it's about time she has an outfit that does her beauty justice.
And it's amazing to me that these little ones know how to pose their hips, hands and feet. Where do they learn that? Are they born with it? You look great Soph, but just so you know, you were beautiful before you had on those diamond earrings. But I understand how it's fun to really feel the part. Hollywood, here she comes!
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