Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Summer Days

Well, this is what's going on with me right now. Three days a week, I wake up early (between 5:30 and 6) to go on a walk before the sun it up. I go for an hour, which I think is about 3 miles. Trying to channel my Parque Portugal from last year, I loved by Brazil mornings. Back here in the US I get up early for the same reasons that I did in Brazil: a) because it's my only guaranteed alone time and b) because I try to avoid the sun at all costs (part of my pregnancy mask prevention program). Another part of my morning is delicious peaches! The past month I've been eating Marilu Henner style with food combining, thus I have fruit for breakfast and look so forward to having my California I.M. Ripe peaches from Costco... they are sooooo good! I'll have two peaches and one pink lady apple.

Part two of my day the past month has been an hour of scripture study. My study had been sporadic and somewhat lacking in nourishment, and then at church we had a great lesson from the President Hunter manual about Scripture Study that very much inspired me and was just what I was looking for. Two things he said 1) an hour is ideal and 2) you gotta set aside a fixed time. That #2 what what I really needed. So I tried it out a few days and figured out that for now my best time for study is as soon as Owen goes down for his morning nap. On the days I get up for the early walks, I might struggle and be a bit tired, so I'll pause and take a break, plus I'll usually take a nap when Owen goes down for his afternoon nap. If I'm exhausted and it doesn't appear that he's going down for a nap any time soon, I'll ask the kids to baby sit while I crash for a few.

On the days I don't do a morning walk, I exercise in the basement lifting weights in Bill Phillips Body for Life style. Today Abi and Natalie joined me. I think they are cute. Work it, girls!
I remember when Melodie was my little toddler lifting weights with us back in 2003. Back then, Corey was applying for Business school and I was on a health kick. Corey thought doing the challenge would help his school application and I was just in the zone, so we officially entered the BFL competition and were going for the prize. We were so sure we were gonna win it! Ha, that's been funny reading my thoughts about that. I've been reading my old 2003 journal to try and channel my old self actualized self to help prep myself to get my body back. I haven't gotten it back after Natalie or Owen, so I really gotta do it after this baby.
So that's a little of that - and that is what my summer days are like - walk, scriptures, nap, and try to clean a little if I can. Haven't been doing very good in that area - but the dishes aren't going anywhere... I know cause I ignore them at night and wish they'll just go away, but no, there they are patiently waiting for me in the morning. What's the hurry? :) We're enjoying our summer. 
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