Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth!

Happy Birthday, America! We started off our annual independence day activities with the 6th annual Fun Run. One new thing this year - Corey and his little musicians were asked to play the national anthem before the run. It might have caused Joseph to start the race a little winded. Plus he said it made his mouth super dry.  
Still, Joseph's competitive juices were ready to go! Here he and Ethan were right as the horn blew!
Here's a link of some pictures a neighbor took - like this one on Joseph on the home stretch:
Our young hero came in third, right after two big time marathon runners who took first and second. Joseph turned the corner toward the finish line and was blown away to see a time of 8:21 on the race clock. What?!?! That would be a whole minute and a half faster than the record time that was broken last year... he was confused. The phenomenon was explained to him when they said the clock started 2 minutes late. Joseph was pleased to figure out his official time, a personal best of 10:49. 
I was in last place this year. Dead last. I was pushing a stroller with Owen and Natalie, and I probably could have finished it with them, but I also had Lily and Sophi walking beside me. And they were just slowing me down big time. I tried to get Lily to skip the detour into the neighborhood but she insisted we follow the other fun runners. After that loop, we were alone with no one showing the right direction of the course, and so I lied to her and told her the race continued with a right turn instead of a left, thus sparing me an hour walk with my crew as I cut off over half of the 3K distance by taking a major short cut. We headed back north toward the finish line. Lily saw the runners up there and assumed that was where we were supposed to go, phew! "There they go, let's hurry!" Glad she didn't notice that everyone was coming up from a different street than the one we were walking on. She saw Hyrum run by the corner. Then Wesley. As we approached, Abi came up behind us out of breath and with great confusion asked "HOW did you get ahead of me?!?! I've been running the whole time!!" I told her I cheated. But I'm pregnant and am pushing a stroller, so I can do whatever the heck I want. Here is how Owen crossed the finish line, it was a total breeze. 
"Yeah, I'm so good I can do the fun run in my sleep!"
So then we had breakfast, sponsored by Jiffy Lube. They did a raffle drawing and guess who won a year of free oil changes again? Woot woot, thank you Joseph for being our ears for the raffle!
I was sitting over on the grass in the shade, but just happened to walk over to get a drink of water. Luckily I heard the raffle going on, got our ticket, saw Joseph there, gave it to him, told him "912313" and he came over a few minutes later and presented me with an envelope. What? We won again?! We won the oil changes last year, wow! What are the odds?! Pretty fun. So, then we hung around and waited for the parade to start. 
Mel kept the kids all entertained by painting fireworks, bald eagles, and flags on their cheeks.
The parade started at 10, I stayed for a half hour and then headed home with Owen and Natalie. Natalie had had her share of taffy, and Owen was done, so I broke a sweat getting home and rewarded myself with a two hour nap. We had a little bbq with family after and then Corey took the kids to Holladay for the night time fireworks that night. It was a good day, we enjoy our fourth of July traditions. 
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