Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Little Pets

The kids are having fun watching the caterpillars. We had a few leaves with eggs that were contenders, and once any of them did hatch, we put them in their own plate on their own leaf so we can try to keep track of them. When they got a bit bigger, we put them on a bigger plant. We've got a magnifying that we keep by them so we can see them better.
Four of our caterpillars died already, so I've been doing a bit of butterfly research. I don't think we've had that many die before, but according to this website, they still have a better chance with us than they do in the wild, where only 2 to 5 out of 100 eggs will make it to butterflies. Appears it's a dangerous world out there for a bug - here's a list of 7 common killers. I have seen spiders on the milkweed, and I brush them off, but have been keeping an eye on them cause I do want to bring the eggs in before the spiders get them. I've seen some eggs that don't hatch but haven't seen any wasps emerge, #5 on that list of killers (how in the world does a wasp find a caterpillar egg anyway?) So I want to bring them in as soon as I find them, but then I'm also worried that the leaves will get too dry and maybe they will be dehydrated (killer #6). So over the weekend I was dreaming about that poor doe that got hit, and now I'm dreaming about caterpillars dying.

Ethan was also telling Corey and I on Monday night that he's ready for a pet dog. I said no, but never got around to giving my reasons, cause he just started giving his reasons of why it will be okay - "I'll take care of it! I'll buy it's food!" Yeah, been there, done that. We were lucky to be able to get out of having a dog once, we don't want to do that to a dog. We would not be good dog owners. We can keep the guinea pigs cause they're low maintenance, but no dogs, cause I don't trust you little ones to take care of it, and I don't want to have to take care of it until I'm done raising little children. And since we got another one of those coming in less than two months, I'm assuming any possibility of a dog is atleast 8 years away. Sorry buddy.

Abi was really sad about Chloe a few days ago. She was crying she was so sad, begging us to go take her back. NO. We would not do that to our friends, or to Chloe. The Nelsons are much better dog people than we could ever be. Kinda weird that Abi was talking about Chloe before Ethan brought it up getting a dog... perhaps desires for a pet come with summer boredom? So we did a skype call with her and after that Abi seemed to be okay. Phew.
Just looked at the date of the photo - This was on July 5th. But still doesn't matter how much they cry or want a dog, it's not going to happen. We were lucky to get out of my first impulse puppy purchase, I'm on solid ground now and will not make that mistake again, our family can't do dogs right now or for a long time. Talk to me in 10 years, kids. And you also have my blessing to have one when you have your own home and life.
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