Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lego Zone

Yesterday it began, today it continued. After a month and a half of summer boredom, their creativity finally kicked in! They've been in the Lego Zone for a solid 24 hours, playing and playing and playing legos downstairs. Listening to Imagine Dragons and the Killers, it's great. Even Owen is getting in on the fun.
He does pretty good... If he has his binky in, the legos stay out. Sometimes he gets unplugged, but we're keeping an eye on him. It's been super cute, he does what he sees them doing, which appears to be using your hands to mix up legos in the bin and on the floor. Seems simple enough, plus it makes a fun sound!
I think I might have helped with their creativity success, by once again using my amazing lego sorting abilities to find tons of good pieces. I spent a good 4 hours yesterday playing with them and found all the pink and purple and other girl colored "friend" lego pieces. With that, Mel built Lily a really cute pet shop.
The other kids have been working on their own houses and minifigure families and have been playing house. It does throw me off everytime their minifigures are calling "Mom! Mom!" and I say "What?" and they say "not you!" Funny. So here is some of Hyrum's house. Everyone is over there enjoying a Brazilian rodizio in their open air bbq area. 
Totally reminded me of the Martin's bbq patio, nice! Pretty cool tree house too!
Here is their first floor - a pool there in the back left, all the minifigures are enjoying some family time on the grass.
I looked at the kid's bedroom... Four bunk beds, wow ~ "They've got a lot of kids!"
Hyrum replied "Yeah..." He paused for a moment then said "...and the Mom's expecting..." That made me laugh out loud. "Does she have a tummy?" I was interested in seeing how they swung a pregnant minifigure. "Is she showing? Can I see the mom?" Here she is. She does not look pregnant to me, but they said there is a little bit of a line there for her tummy (kinda hard to see with the teeth marks... "Don't bite the legos!") but I think that line is trying to define part of her female chest, not her womb. But I'll let you pretend your lego mom is expecting, they make me laugh
They've been playing nicely for hours, even Natalie isn't "bugging" them or "messing up" their game.
Owen, what do you think? Do you like legos?
Here is another bunk bed in Wesley's house. Another house with lots of kids! That's the boys room.
And Wes' family has a killer tree house and play area in the back yard, even a tunnel slide. I think the tree house was worthy of being featured on the minifigure Treehouse Masters tv show.
Have you ever seen that show? The kids and I dream of having a treehouse like that in the back yard! We might not be able to make it happen until we've got grandkids, but it's on my list: we're gonna have an awesome tree house back there someday!

So, we're all having a good summer day - not doing a lot of housework this week (I haven't been following through with the chore board) but lots of playing. And that's okay.
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