Thursday, September 1, 2016

Breakfast Requirements

Last week Corey got breakfast for the girls and it made me laugh. He had to keep making adjustments to meet their little kid demands. Funny silly kids. It's just a part of life with little kids. I've heard their simple requests often enough on enough mornings that they are ingrained into my head and I try to take care of them all before presenting my breakfast offerings. That way they don't have to correct me for feeding them improperly. So, here is the proper way to feed these little girls breakfast (in case Corey or the kids need this in the coming weeks when I'm nursing a newborn:
Natalie - ask her what bowls she wants: an Elsa bowl (blue) Rapunzel bowl (purple) or Aurora bowl (pink). Always give her the pink spoon.

Sophi - she likes having a Belle bowl (yellow) and a gray spoon (silver baby spoon, not regular sized one)

Lily is pretty chill about which bowl and spoon she eats with, which I appreciate.

They usually all like the "rainbow" cereal (Malt O Meal's version of Captain Crunch)

A properly colored bowl is usually always available. There is just one each of the pink spoon and gray spoon, so if those are not in the silverware drawer or dishwasher, I just tell them that it's dirty and they are usually accommodating and will accept a substitute.

For your entertainment, here's a video that pretty much sums up how it goes feeding toddlers, I thought it was pretty funny.

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