Saturday, October 22, 2016


We have a new Saturday morning tradition (well, two weeks so far). In an effort to try to not have the day wasted by kids catching up on sleep, we crank up the volume and turn the tv on. It works every time - they rouse themselves from their sleepy beds and slowly begin to congregate on the couch, looking much like zombies woken from the grave. And what is it that draws them in? Not cartoons, although I think anything would work. But right now, it's a spy show. We're a little embarrassed to have to resort to this, but thus is our life right now. Corey said this morning "I feel like I'm contaminating their minds just to get them out of bed..." Yes, sweetheart, that is what we're doing. Although it does go along nicely with our scripture reading regarding "secret combinations". Corey found Season 1 of Alias at the thrift store. He got it shortly after Daniel was born. It helped him get through a few "I can't do anything" mornings as he held his new infant Owen. Kinda fun show ~ brings back memories... When Alias was first on tv in 2001, Corey and I were fairly newly married and Joseph was our only baby. We'd go over to enjoy dinner and company at Corey's parent's house on the weekend. It was there that Corey's brother introduced us to Alias. We got quite into the show. I think we only saw season 1 though ~ after that we realized that we had a problem. Or I knew I had one - I remember explaining one of the final twists of season 1 to my dad and I was totally amazed with a "Can you believe that?!!?" look on my face, and he gave me a look of "Okaaay... I think you should step away, cause you're weirding me out right now."

But it was good television. So we've been watching the show together and will pause and explain the twists and things they might not have noticed that will be coming into play later. Today as we did chores, we had Alias on the brain. Our 3rd of 4 light bulbs in the front room went out the night before, so that was one of Corey's tasks - it is a very high vaulted ceiling... We don't have a ladder for some stupid reason, so I put a counter stool on the side table - the light was too far from the wall, so Corey balanced himself holding my head... "See, I could be a spy! I do hard things! Things that make you wonder 'Is he gonna make it?!'" The kids were a little concerned seeing our balancing act - but their dad's a professional spy and made it out alive, phew!

So Season 1 was enough for us, plus life happened and we were busy. We'd catch up with it through Mark now and then. And 5 years later, how does the show end? (Spoiler alert kids...) She gets married and has a little family and is kissing her baby as they go for a walk. Well shoot, that's my happily ever after too! That's I'm doing, and I didn't have to go through all that drama to get here! I thought it was pretty funny. She should have just skipped the whole they killed my fiance and I've almost died countless times and yada yada and just settled down. Although I realized that doesn't make for good Primetime television. But world, just a hint - that ending really is where the happiness and joy is at. It kinda seems corny and trite in the clip there, but it's true - that's where the joy is really at. In the end, the career, money, revenge... none of that stuff matters - so don't let yourself get killed thinking it does! Thus Corey took the kids to the zoo when chores were done ~ Family time. That's where the happiness is really at.
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