Friday, October 7, 2016

Goodbye Hamlet

Yesterday after Mel got home from school, she asked me if we could take Hamlet to the vet because she felt really skinny and has been acting not her usual self for the past week. I called but their vet that sees guinea pigs wouldn't be in until Monday. So I set an appointment. Melodie let her homework slide and full attention was given to googling things about guinea pigs that aren't eating and trying to feed Hamlet by hand with a little medicine tylenol dispeser.
We considered taking her to a pet ER but I ultimately decided against it - thinking that I'd take her tomorrow or if she was notably worse, then there probably wouldn't be anything a vet would be able to do anyway. The kids set up a little area for Hamlet and Vanilla inside and we let them sleep there for the night.
In the morning Hamlet seemed worse. I checked on her throughout the day and she passed away around 2pm. The kids will bury her tomorrow in our guinea pig graveyard. She was a good little pig. We will probably get another girl guinea pig to keep Vanilla company, cause guinea pigs are social creatures. Bye Hamlet, we'll miss you! We are glad you are with your mom and sister, say hi to Medusa and Twix for us, we'll see you again when we get there to Heaven!
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