Thursday, October 20, 2016

Answering A Date

Look at me, I'm going to write about one of the older kids! Yes, I do have children besides the toddlers and baby. For example, I have a teenager who likes to go on dates. He's been quite the dater since he turned 16 in January, not wasting a moment. And now the love is being reciprocated - he got asked to Monster Mash! He got asked a month ago. I know it was a month ago cause it was the night I was at the hospital with a new baby. Corey texted me this picture. Joseph trying to figure out the clues as to who it is...
And Joseph actually got asked twice on one night - he's a hot item!
He said yes to the girl that asked him first, cause that is fair. And then he took the girl that he had to say no to on a date that weekend. But he insisted it was not a "sympathy date".

Fast forward four weeks... Joseph found out on Monday that the girl that he answered "yes" to a few weeks ago never got his answer. They had talked about going, so she knew he was, but was still a little puzzled as to why he hadn't officially answered her. Once she figured out (through a friend asking Joseph some questions) that he did answer her, they all figured out the mix up came by Joseph giving his answer to the wrong house, one that looks like hers and is on the same street, but isn't hers. Next time he answers, he isn't going to find their house by his memory, since that has just proved unreliable.

Another funny thing, the way he answered could be interpreted as an "ask"... Joseph said "I'd be a Happy Hippo to go to Monster Mash with you!" with a gift of some of these Kinder treats. And he didn't put his name or the girl's name that he was answering. ~ and they believe a high school boy lives in that house.... so the poor kid could be wondering who asked him and just how he's supposed to figure it out. Maybe Joseph should go by and clear that up if there is any confusion there... it would be so sad for someone to think they were asked but not know who or receive any further information about their date that might never happen.
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