Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Danny Boy

Daniel had his two week appointment last week. I forgot the PKU so had to run back home with him and then run back to the clinic. After I got home Corey looked about wiped out from another morning playing Mom. Just another way Corey and I are different - it's probably not this way for all men and women, but for us, he gets wiped out from being home with kids, I get wiped out if I have to leave the house. I thought we'd be good for a month, but did have to go back in yesterday for a weigh in. Daniel's weight last week wasn't back up to his birth weight, so I took him in yesterday as a 3 week old and he cleared the hurdle - Just a few grams over 7 pounds 10 ounces, yay thank you Daniel.
So NOW we really are good for a few weeks - no eye or orthodontist or OB appointments. Maybe I'll be able to catch my breath and get things back in order here and remember all the things I am supposed to be doing... the orthodontist told me to take Abi in to get a loose tooth pulled... her top tooth isn't growing in over it. And the kids do all need to get their glasses prescriptions updated.... so much to do, hard to stay on top of it all. Dr. bills are coming in, good news there is we just had $900 more to meet our deductible, so that $8000= hospital bill was covered 100%, yay! Cheer with me Owen!
It's nice to see those insurance statements in the mail coming in that each have a $0.00 in the "Total Member Responsibility" column.
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