Friday, October 28, 2016

Pics of Hogle Zoo

Corey took the kids to Hogle Zoo last Saturday (Oct 22nd). Here are some pictures of their fun. We'll start with my favorite - I love this picture of Wes and Owen on the merry go round ~
Owen is such a cutie, look at those big blue eyes. And Wes is his BFF forever, Wesley is such a good brother and takes such good care of him. This picture captures all that perfectly. The rest of the kids had fun on the merry go round too~ Pretty Lily~
Pretty Abi
Pretty Natalie!
Can't find a pic of pretty Sophi. Here's another of Lily though - she looks like she's having fun.
The man of the hour that made the kid outing possible, everyone say "Thanks Dad!!"
Ah, here's one of Hyrum and Sophi. And that is all for now - Daniel's crying...
I was probably home feeding Daniel, as I shall go do now. I'm glad we can divide and conquer sometimes, though I don't feel like I conquer with the half I'm left with much of the time...

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