Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cuts and Bumps

Owen's been good at getting bonks on his head these past two weeks. He's gotten a bruise 4 times. First time - I was in my bathroom, he walked over to me, tripped on the carpet - there was nothing else there except the carpet and his feet - and his hands didn't catch himself and his head just smacked on the bathroom floor tile and he got a huge bruise - on the right side. Next - a few days later - Abi was putting him in a supersaucer type toy that had just been delivered to us by my sis in law. Since it had just come out of the car, it was not hooked together at the bottom. It was also in the kitchen... on the tile floor. She put him in the seat and the base of it slid open, thus suspending him in air by his waist and holding him there, making his head swing down like a pendulum onto the floor. He got a big bruise on the left side, on the exact opposite of his previous bump, making his bonks very nicely symmetrical.
Third bonk - we were coloring with chalk in the front yard. I read a book and then colored for a bit, When it was time to move kids inside, I took Daniel first and had Natalie follow me. When I came back out, Owen was crying, he had fallen and scratched his head a little bit on the slanted driveway. It wasn't as bad as his other two, just looked like a little carpet burn. But he was sad, his poor head! The last bump, pictured above, was in the same spot at bonk #2. I didn't see that one. He just tripped in the side room and came over crying with another bruise coming. When I see him I want to chant that birthday thing of "Heavy heavy hangover thy poor head, what do you wish this person with a bonk on the head!"

Owen's not the only one with recurring injuries. Daniel got poked in his heel 6 times for his bilirubin checks, and then yesterday at his two week appointment he got it in the heel again for his PKU test. Later at home I was nursing him on the bed, and Natalie likes to get close to us when he's nursing.
She noticed his bandaid and spent her time kissing and kissing his heel non stop. It was cute.
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