Monday, October 24, 2016

Funny Little Face

Joseph spent last weekend (Thurs - Sat) with his Lyceum Philharmonic group at a retreat. They worked on recording three videos I think. They were supposed to be back at 5:30 on Saturday. I texted and called him before I left but didn't hear from him if they were going to be on time or not... so I left anyway and was there to pick him up at 5:30. No bus. At 5:45 he texted and said his guess was that they were 45 minutes away. So Daniel and I enjoyed a change of venue and spent about an hour in the car doing what we do at home, which is sit around and do nothin' (aka feed him and then stare at each other.) After he ate, he was looking at me cross eyed with his little lips tight in a "ooo" expression ~
I was too slow getting my camera open, so I missed the good picture of him, but just kept clicking photos as I giggled ~ here he is mid-sneeze. 
Baby sneezes are so cute. So I was just laughing and taking pictures of his funny little face....
Thus is this season of my life. I really need to enjoy this while it lasts, cause Corey is done having kids. We can't add any more..."We can keep the ones we have..." So that's good, you're in Daniel. If you kiddos made any Saturday's Warrior promises to any other spirits, y'all better start working some magic to help us out with managing things, cause Dad's about to break and I am definitely not on top of it being any help to him. But you're sure cute! (I have a newborn addiction).
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