Saturday, October 1, 2016

Updating the Look

I'm updating the blog title. Goodbye to the old ~
Here's the new. I haven't liked the look of the #1 there at all since we changed it to 10 last year, but I like the rest of the font... Thus I decided to type out Eleven.
Wait a second... I just realized the lower case L in eleven could be my number 1... Hmm, which one should I do? Send me a message on facebook to cast your vote.
I still search in vain for a really great quote that has a few words that would be an appropriate title. I love this title of a friend's blog "Wild and Precious" - with her great quote by Mary Oliver. Something like that. But my creativity has been stuck. I should probably enlist Mel's help.

If I were a real serious blogger I'd do a different themed background every month like Nienie. But alas, I can barely keep up with blogging at all. so I just have to find something that I like and can leave alone.  Baby's crying.... I have a lot to update, will try to get to it today.
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