Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wesley's Drone

A few weeks ago, Wesley spent 2 days being our personal slave and earned a buck an hour (I think?) and earned enough to order a little drone on ebay. He's been anxiously watching the mailbox since. It FINALLY came in mail yesterday.
 Wes wanted to show you how it fits so cutely into it's hand control, isn't that cute?
He's really excited. Just a matter of time before this one is busted too. We've bought so many remote controlled things over the years, kinda sad that they don't last. What have we learned about this little drone so far? The main things is don't let it near your hair! They keep getting hair twisted around the propellers, probably just by it falling on the carpet for a sec, since we have a few heads of girls' hair that is always falling out. One time Abi was chasing it and it got in her hair, I had to cut some of her hair out it was so twisted. It's a very tiny little drone. You can't catch it like we do the Millenium Falcon - this little one will knick your fingers hard, it stings! Today I think Mel was flying it when it landed in a bowl of water in the sink. They put it under the blow dryer so hopefully it's okay. Here's hoping it lasts more than a week! And I'm sure Wes will be getting another one when his birthday comes 'round in June. :)

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