Friday, January 27, 2017

Blankie Man

This is Owen. He loves his binky and his blankets.
Muslin blankets to be precise. He likes to gather them up in his arms - so he doesn't trip over them and because they are just o-so swaddly and comfy.
Owen is just our little snuggle bug. Last night I took Ethan to his saxophone lesson with Ray Smith down in Utah County. I did what I usually do while I wait for band or lessons to be done - I went to Costco. With our family, everyday is a good day to stock up on food and toilet paper. Owen and his blanket and Daniel went with me.
I see Daniel's little eyes! And Owen, you're just a cutie. He's toddler level 2 at home, but out in public he's shy and quiet, so that is good. He doesn't make a fuss for me to buy anything so Owen, you are still invited to come shopping with me. He's blankie man.
I also love his little snow boots!

Fun fact - Ray doesn't live too far from the basement apartment that Corey and I lived in after we got married - We were just there for a few months, but that is where we lived when our life together began, so it's fun. I snapped this picture of it.
The basement apartment had an entrance on the right side here with the light, that was our home sweet home.
Good times. The house looked a little run down from what I remember, and then I realized that it has been 18 years... so I guess some wear and tear should be evident. 18 years! We're coming up on our 18 year anniversary in a few more weeks, crazy!

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