Monday, February 20, 2017

Baby Headphones

Daniel was a very good baby on the plane home yesterday. I think most people were nervous to sit by us, but Daniel got lots of praise from strangers when the flight was over. "What a good baby!" and "He didn't make a peep!" He did actually peep a few times on the flight to San Diego and on the two flights home, but overall he really did great. The few times when he did start to get restless, Corey hurried and put his big head phones on him.
The Phantom of the Opera was Daniel's first album put on for his listening pleasure, but Corey confessed "I put it on shuffle... Hope it doesn't mess up the story line for him."
(which made me laugh)
When Daniel made a kinda pained expression in his sleep, Corey commented "The pursed lips are because the 2nd clarinet is a little flat..."
The headphones didn't quite fit him. But luckily Daniel doesn't have a neck, so his shoulders helped keep them over his ears.
Every so often his look reminded me of this part (1:58) on the "Not the Future" song... "Cyborg with no big boy words to say..." But from this video you can see that he actually does have quite a bit to say...

That is one of three videos I took on my phone as I captured a small bit of his 20 minutes of squawking in our hotel room on Saturday evening. I think he was trying to tell me that he wanted us to turn off the Alaskan Bush People that was on in the other room. Corey kinda got sucked into that one this trip. Then came to find out the whole thing is fake, who knew? Sadly, probably the only reality show on tv right now that isn't fake is the news reports on President Trump!

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