Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fender Bender

We officially became owners of a new car last month. A little Ford Fiesta. We had been storing this car in our garage for several months for the daughter of one of Corey's Brazil investors. His daughter Leticia had been studying at BYU Idaho but had returned to Brazil through Christmas. We had permission to use it and it saved us on more than once occasion when our cars had issues. We knew we needed to get ourselves a third car. So, when she decided to not continue school at BYUI, they asked if we could help sell the car and if we knew anyone who might be interested in buying it. Corey said we'd like to. He was mostly pleased that it was small and fit in our garage so nicely with our other 2 cars.

And now the car has officially been christened. On Saturday night, Joseph was on his way to a gig. He was excited that it was even a paid gig - $60 bucks baby! Sweet! He got a bit lost on his way there. He had to pull a U-turn to get back on track, and after the U-turn, he was stopped at a red light. It turned green. He put the car in first to go and accidentally stalled it. The Fiesta is a clutch and Joseph is still working on not killing it, and he was a little flustered from being lost and thinks that is why he wasn't calm enough to go without stalling. So he stalled, and as he went to restart it, the car jolted forward with a big loud sound from something behind him. What... He was a bit stunned. I just got hit! Oh no! He started the car again and pulled over to the side. It was then that the white truck that hit him paused briefly and then left. He called me at home and started with all the back story, but I could tell where it was going and cut to the chase "Did you get hit?" "Yeah..." followed with "and the other car just left!" and a few "I'm really sorry Mom"s
I was in the middle of chaos at home with visitors at the door, so I told him to call Corey. Corey, Geico, and the police were soon all involved on the phone and at the scene and a short hour later Joseph was on his way. The car was damaged - bumber is busted and the trunk pushed in so that the door doesn't shut close. I think I'll throw a facebook request out there and see if we can find the fellow who hit him. It was a white truck, Jospeh says he saw long hair, but couldn't tell if it was a guy or girl.

Update: On Tuesday morning I made my second and last attempt to throw something out on facebook. My first post didn't get shared much, in attept #2 I try to cut to the chase and asked:

DO YOU HAVE A WHITE TRUCK? If you do or if you know someone who does, and that someone also got in a fender bender near Highland Drive and La Cresta Drive this last Saturday night (Feb 11) around 6:30 and then fled the scene, and would like to repent and make reconciliation with the teenager you abandoned at the side of the road, we're here. Or if anyone wants to do detective work and give us a lead by ratting out your neighbor with a white truck that has a damaged front bumper or front headlight, we promise we'll keep your tip anonymous! Thanks. If you feel so inclined, please share this post, thanks facebook friends!

And so Joseph'd $60 gig is going to be a bit more costly to cover than was originally planned thanks to our collision deductible since the person didn't stop, the stinker. But life is still good. It's not Valley Forge, and everyone needs to get in an accident atleast once in their life, right! Good job Joseph, thanks for christening the car for us, hopefully we'll be good for a while after this (and keep your eyes out for white trucks).

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