Thursday, February 2, 2017

Playing Toys

The girls FINALLY cleaned up all the stuff in their room. And when their room is clean, lo and behold, there is room to play! So Lily was playing with her Elves Legos and that was cute to see, and then I peeked in on Natalie in the window who was setting up all her little ponies and making them kiss.
Natalie heard us laughing at her game but didn't take offense. She's a cutie.
Lily played with Daniel too, giving him her wizard wand that Wes made for her for Christmas, trying to teach him a charm to do on her
He kept poking it at himself and I didn't want him to poke his eye out, so after a few unsuccessful spells we took it away. He's more worried at practicing his grip right now anyway, and he had a good grip. The spells will come later in second year.

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