Friday, February 3, 2017

Wax Museum - Take 6

Another year of kids in elementary school, another 3rd grader, and another wax museum! Abi's turn was today - she was Helen Keller.
I thought she looked so pretty and proper sitting there, with her hair back in a bun and wearing a fancy silk neckscarf ? Really it was a slice of a white sheet that I just ripped off and tied on with a "that'll do" and voila! another year's museum done!
Can you tell she is reading braille?
Cute kid. Glad I made it over. Wes saved me - he had stayed home sick, so I was able to leave him with Sophi, Owen and Daniel while I ran over to the museum with Natalie. As we pulled up Natalie started begging to go play on the slide but I made her come in to the school with me, so sad. "I want to play on the park! (Silence is my reply) Mom, you say 'okay, fine!'" Natalie you crack me up. Love these girls. All the snow is melting though - tell you what Natalie, if this keeps up I'll take out to the park next week. Love these girls.

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