Monday, February 6, 2017

Toddler Fever

Owen had a slight fever last Thursday, then Friday in the early AM he was crying with a burning fever. It's gone up and back down over the weekend. Tylenol has helped. He got checked out by the pediatrician on Friday and didn't have ear infections or anything. Saturday night as he shoved his hand in his mouth crying I thought maybe it was cause he was teething? Put some Orajel on him, but he was still sick and tired and just wanted to be held. I stayed home from church with him on Sunday. Then, since I missed church, I went to a 1:00 ward by myself for their block time at my old Stake. I don't want to sound too happy about going to church by myself sans kiddos, but it was great to be there and able to listen, I felt very nourished by the good Word and was ready to come back home after it was done. And since I had stayed home with all the sick little kids, Corey was able to listen at church too. (We might need to do this again!) So, yeah, Owen has just wanted to be held. Today, thankfully, he's been happy to be propped up in the rocking chair in our room. PBS television is our friend.
There he was during one of his naps, here is was during another.
He was probably so tired cause he was up during the night fussing. Of course I was up too, but I didn't get a nap. Here he was really tuckered out.
Poor little guy. Tonight I googled "toddler flu fever 6 days" (it's only been 5, but I was thinking ahead for if he's still hot tomorrow) - this page made me feel better in that it's not uncommon. But still felt better check with pediatrician via text instead of just relying on Dr. Google. When I texted the dr tonight when Owen's fever was up to 103 again. Another shot of Tylenol to get him through the night, but doctor says if he doesn't really turn the corner tonight, I should take him in.
So either he'll go in tomorrow or will be better on his own, either way we hope things are better when Corey leaves for Brazil on Wed. I don't want to be left alone with sick kids! This is rough.

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