Saturday, February 25, 2017

Peaks Jazz Festival 2017

The Peaks Jazz Festival took place this weekend - yesterday and today. Yesterday Ethan and Hyrum performed in the Little Big Band, and today Wesley performed in New Bop and Joseph and Ethan too with the Voodoo Orchestra. Here is Wesley below in his first trumpet solo! Doesn't he look like a cute bugle boy playing taps or something? (He told me that he doesn't like to be called "cute" by most people, but it is okay coming from me.) Or like the angel Moroni - just standing at attention so well, he's got something important he wants us to hear! Corey teased him a little for being so ready to play - that he had his trumpet to his lips as he walked and before he was even close to the mic.

We were all so proud of him. And here below are two videos of Joseph and Ethan in Voodoo. In this number Joseph even stole a vocal part that was kinda fun (starts around 2:15)

And you can see both of them feeling the beat

It was a long busy weekend for them. The rehearsals and shows yesterday and today, and then today they also had some clinics and workshops this morning and afternoon that they are required to attend. The kids weren't excited about getting up sooo early on a Saturday for those, 9! Such torture.
Hyrum, I'll try to update this soon with a picture of you and LBB, I didn't get those sent to me yet from your Dad. Corey went to both of the shows on both nights, I stayed home with the kids. He took Owen last night, against my recommendation, but he was like "I'm gonna be gone all next week, we need some together time..." so he took Owen and Owen was horrible for the first 5 hours of call time prep and of the show. Yeah, we new that though, right? But by the end Owen did let Corey put him down and was even dancing a little bit. When they came home, though, with Owen's poor behavior fresh in Corey's mind, I had him pledge to not take him tonight. So tonight was more enjoyable for Corey and the kids. I'll update later if there is anything they'd like to add.

I have one last thing that I will add - I was just looking over the Soundhouse's facebook and instagram for pictures from Peaks, didn't find anything but I did find these pictures of Joseph's trip to the Bristish Isles last summer. And I never recorded anything about that, so here you go Joseph! I'm 7 months last by finally doing it. (I think the thing the kids love the most about being involved with the Soundhouse is the summer tours!) His group "The Inevitables" at the Birmingham Jazz Festival.
 At Buckingham Palace ~ Joseph reppin' the Y
and you can see his little head here in the middle at Malahide Castle and Gardens. 

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