Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Lunch with Lily

Yesterday Lily gave Corey a note that said "12:50". That was the time that she wanted him to come to school to have lunch with her. So being the obedient daddy he is, he went. Sophi went with him. They found Lily out at recess~
Sophi was able to join Lily on the playground.
Then in for lunch. 
I think I've gone over for lunch once, but it was a few years ago. Would be fun to do it again. Lily, I'll gladly accept a lunch invitation, but for me to come, I'll need 24 hour notice to gear myself up. Coming to school isn't the problem, it's the "leaving the house with 4 kids" part that is the kicker for me. But give me some notice and I'll come, the little ones would probably enjoy it too, huh Soph!

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