Friday, February 17, 2017

Tijuana Temple

We went to Tijuana today. First off let me share something both Corey and I learned today: it is not Ti-a-juana - not your Aunt Juana (TIA Juana) it's just TI - Ti-juana. Good to know. So apparently Corey's been thinking about how beautiful the Tijuana temple is and thought if we were ever in San Diego, we should go see it. So we did. We didn't want to take an Uber to the border cause we'd have to take bring a carseat for Daniel, so instead we wrapped him in the baby wrap, walked down to the closest transit stop and got on the rail and took it to the last stop of San Ysidro. Got off, walked down a causeway...
...then through a revolving door/gate (possible point of no return) and we did it - we walked across the border to Mexico! Mexican officials were there to look over passports and giving the ok for all us travelers to enter. We were just a little nervous about it. It was easy enough to leave, hope we're able to get back in! It's fun to do something new. We got attacked by a hoard of cab drivers and finally one of them talked us into his car. Corey wanted to get an Uber but these guys were pretty persistent... "I don't have cash..." "I take you to ATM! Very close, it's easy" "I want to use my credit card, it's already set up on Uber..." "I give you good deal!" Okay fine. I just had Daniel on my lap. The cab driver, Cleofarro (like Egypt he said: cleopatra and pharoh) drove us to the temple. We passed their little Cristo statue - you could see it from the freeway.
He said it's Rio de Janiero's little brother Jesus. The temple was beautiful. 
I changed and went in to do some work. It was 1:30. I was greeted by a few people who asked what I needed. "I was just coming to go to the temple..." "We are closed." Apparently they take a temple siesta from 1-5. Too bad for us. No temple work today. So we took turns holding Daniel... we also took turns walking around outside. 
Such awesome plants, reminded me of my mission. Desert plants are super cool. 
This one below is like a cactus lettuce or something?
Or like ocean coral? Weird and cool. It was super windy. A "tormento" was on it's way. Corey did a good job visiting with the locals. He has a gift for that. Corey had one sentence he was sure to tell every Mexican we met: "Yo no vote por Trump." Just making sure they know we have nothing against them or the wall that might soon be between us. We asked one of our new friends to take our picture~
Then we called Cleofarro to come pick us up and take us back to the border. Nice guy. So we've survived thus far, lets see if Uncle Sam lets us back in. 
A few last images of Mexico that let us know we're in Latin America.
This was kinda funny too - a sign, ripped and torn and flapping in the wind, printed with the saying "Tijana Te Quiero" and underneath: An intitiative for the betterment of... something something...
Well, that was fun Mexico, see you again soon. 
Back in the US, where we have lots of unused pay phones with the nice touch of having the receiver attached
On the Metro. Daniel is tired of being strapped to me.
Time to play with Dad! 
Back to the hotel. Did I mention that last night we went to bed at 8:30? And I woke up at 8:30 this morning! 12 hours baby! Nothing like partying like 40 year olds on vacay!

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