Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Funny Kids

In my bathroom is a scale.  The children like to step on the scale cause of the bright blue light that shines from it and cause it responds with a fun click when you step on or off of it.  I was brushing my teeth last night when Ethan came in and proceeded to weigh himself.  After seeing his weight, he gave a dramatic reaction that made me laugh as I heard it through the ears of a woman who does not like that scale right now (being pregnant) and seeing the rapidly rising number that shows up each week:

"AHHH!!  64 again!!!  It's always 64!  It's been 64 for 2 years!!!  (not sure if that is fact, but again, he was being dramatic) Why can't I gain weight?!?  I want to get to 70 soooo bad!!!"  

So I was trying not to spit my toothpaste on the mirror as I laughed and brushed.  He didn't know what was so funny.  We joined the family on the floor of the girls bedroom for scriptures and prayer, I told them what Ethan said, Corey laughed.  Joseph, being SO much older than Ethan, yet still sympathetic as he remembered when he wanted to grow big and strong, said "Don't worry Ethan, another 2 years when you're grown up like me..." at which Corey and I started to laugh again.  Corey - "Sorry to break this to you, Joseph, but you're still a small fry yourself.  That's like listening to Abi tell Lily stories and say 'when I was a little girl...'"  We were all chuckling.  It was fun.  A few other funny things said yesterday and this morning that brought a smile to my face:

~ Abi, looking outside with little girl fear in her eyes: "I'm never going outside again until the snow's gone."  Amen, Abi, I'm right there with you.  Still, it's not as bad here as it is for my friend in Maine where it was -17 around noon yesterday.  Corey said "Why... why do people live there?"  with a blank look like the student does throughout this video (:43)

(Driver's Ed is really funny too, so there's one more for your viewing pleasure, my kids love these)

~ Wes talking about the indoor recess that they constantly have at school (since it's so cold): "All I ever do at recess is just sit there."  They were each trying to plead their case as to who should be able to take the Rush Hour game to school. 

~ and lastly, Lily's just got the cutest little toddler voice lately, starting to use bigger words and sentences but still sounds so little, she said to me as I gave her a mug of hot chocolate, with a big smile and giving me a hug: "You're my best Mom on earth!"
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