Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Little Robbers and Helpers

The kids have made up a little skit performance to the Killer's song Who Let You Go - it involves a sneaky robber who gets out of jail and the cop is asking "who let you go" as the cop chases the robber around the room in a silly dance.  Hyrum led out in casting Sophia as the crook.  They dressed her up as a gangster and tied a snow hat full of toy coins to her wrist.  It was pretty cute.
She wore this outfit all day, it made us all smile.  Here she is breaking into the fridge where she liked to rearrange the condiments and occasionally break a bottle or spill something.  My task is to make sure no glass jars get put on the lower shelves and that the lids are all on tight.  It's be better to just keep her out of the fridge, I know.
Yesterday I was struggling to remain calm as Lily got into the fridge and made a "salad" - cut up carrots, cinnamon, a piece of my whole wheat bread that I am super stingy with and was slightly upset to see wasted, and a thing of Capris Sun (only to be used for school lunches) that she cut open with a knife and subsequently splattered a mess of all over the floor.
They like to make salads a lot, which I find adorable (like seeing them trying to help), but I also loathe (hate the waste and mess).  I was already teetering on frazzled, and after that point yesterday I kinda went down hill.  Got dinner on the table, but then kids were off to commitments and basket ball and no one stayed to help me clean up the kitchen.  Time to re-asses our vision and how to get there.  Wish I had more time to think and read and figure it out, but alas, my brain is muddled.  The kids are keeping their educational goals to go to Chuck A Rama on Saturday, but no one is keeping their "Help Mom Clean" commitment that we scheduled from 4 to 5.  If I don't get help around here cleaning, I don't care how much they've practiced music or read, I'm not gonna feel they've earned a lunch date with dad.  I took my concerns to the kids during scripture reading (which was past our 9:30 bedtime).  Don't give up, we'll get there slowly but surely, (unfortunate emphasis on the slowly.)

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