Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Your Kids Entertainment

When I look at Pinterest and all the projects to do for/with kids, I'm like "Uh, probably not.  That one's too messy.... that one is too elaborate... Probably can't do that one unless the little kids are outta the way and napping... that one looks like a lot of work and involvement by me, sigh... Oh well." and then I move on to home decor.  I usually want to give the kids things that will send them on their way with a burst of their own creativity that feeds their imagination.  So here is a simple one that is quick, very little mess or clean-up, and I think my kids might be entertained all day at school and get their friends involved too.  When I saw this one, it just said "This is soo Melodie..." What do you think?
When she saw it, she got a quick giddiness in her step and ran to find a pen.  Ethan and Hyrum followed suit.  Yup, that is so Mel.  She's always drawing little stick figures in the corners of paper pads or notebooks and making those flip motion books.  Funny girl.

And I also saw this.  This one is soo me.  I live all day in my pjs. 
My pjs are sweat or yoga pants and a Shade t-shirt.  They also double as my workout clothes, cleaning clothes, and if it's my black ensemble, I can throw on a scarf and earrings and it's my date night clothes! If I workout, then I bathe and clean up and put on another pair of yoga pants and shade shirt.  Hey, no need to mess with it when you find what works for you!

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  1. oh that is so funny. I drew a trampoline and a guy on my hand on sunday. yes, I found it on pinterest as well. I am going to do it too all of my kids right before sacrament to see if they sit still longer.


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