Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wreath

"Baby, it's cold outside" has been the song of the month.  I took Joseph to school one morning and it was 2 degrees.  NOT my cup of tea.  This morning when I took him, however, it was a lovely 26, and I never thought the mid 20s would feel so nice, but it really was quite heavenly since it wasn't biting and you couldn't feel it in your bones.  Plus this was the first morning we took rice bags with us.  That might have also taken the edge off.  Love rice bags, they are a must have for winter survival.

I'm trying to finish taking down the last of the Christmas decorations today.  I took down the door Christmas Wreath on Saturday and then Melodie helped me make this winter wreath.  Turned out pretty good I think!
A wreath from the DI, spray paint, hot glue, some snipped off branches from a pretty tree outside, few pinecones, and a few left over Christmas decorations.  We might add a few silver ornaments.  Melodie also painted a little bird ornament to look like the golden crowned kinglet, which we learned over Christmas spends it's winters here in the Rocky Mountains, and it lives in pine trees, so seemed a good and appropriate bird to use.  (Aren't we just so knowledgeable!)
We learned that from a book about President Packer's art hobby.  We don't really know birds, but boy he sure does!  His artwork is inspiring to me, I need and want to create.

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