Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Music Competition

Last Wednesday night Ethan had an open house at his school, which was recently renovated,  Joseph went with him and Corey so he could use the bathroom (cause of our blocked sewer - by the way, update on that - it seems to be working ok right now so we're just gonna spread out our water usage, no laundry and baths at the same time, and they'll probably fix the sewer main in the spring).  Ethan was pretty excited, and Joseph's Churchill pride was on strong defense.  Ethan and Corey were both impressed with the band and the music teacher.  In August Ethan is going to try out for ADVANCED BAND, and that is exciting news for the competing musicians Corey is trying to create among our children.  You see, this year the school district here is mixing things up and it's the first year that they're moving the 6th grade to middle school and the 9th grade to high school.  Joe is in a different district where they're keeping it the old way.  So, with Ethan entering jr. high as a 6th grader, he has an opportunity uniquely available to him....

Joseph is in Advanced Band as a 7th grader at his school, is lead Alto, and has a few solo parts in 3 songs that they are practicing for their spring concert.  The jr. high competitive musician boy that is still hiding in Corey soul somewhere will praise Joe for his accomplishment, and then tease how he's probably getting cocky cause he's so good, then he'll turn to Ethan and say - "Ethan, I can't go back in time and beat Joseph, so I need you to beat him.  If YOU made Advanced Band as a SIXTH GRADER!!!!  Now that would be amazing, that would beat Joe..."  Joseph on defense: "But I couldn't be in band in 6th grade, cause my school didn't have a 6th grade"  "Excuses excuses!"
Ethan made a new years resolution goal to practice the saxophone everyday for an hour and Corey's giving both of them all sorts of advanced musician assignments, like doing scales in the circle of 5th's. Corey says the saxophonist are known for being show offs prima donnas, so it's perfect for Ethan cause it gets to be all about him - "he's definately not a trombone player or a 2nd viola".  He is getting really good. Fun stuff.

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