Monday, January 7, 2013

Lego Bow

Yesterday we had a momentous passing of the torch by the boys.  Joseph conceded to Ethan the title of Wride Kid Lego Master after seeing his Lego Bow - as in bow and arrow, not a hair bow.  Elastic band from my sewing drawer and an arrow stick from Home Depot.
Joseph - "Ethan, this bow is so cool..."
Ethan - "Since when do you give me compliments?"
Joseph with tone of "isn't it obvious?!" in his voice - "Hello?  Since you made this BOW!"
Ethan liked the respect he had earned and accepted it graciously.  And he deserved it.  His bow contraption was quite ingenious, we were all impressed.  I never would have conceived or been able to come up with something like that.  Although I've never pretended to claim the title of Lego Master.  But it looks like Ethan's gonna take after his father - we got a mentally wired math and computer genius on our hands.  He's already made a revised edition, gonna fine tune it and start a lego compact bow business maybe? 


  1. ethan said
    wow, I still can't belive Joe complimented me.(:

  2. Are there directions on how to make this bow? My son is in total amazement and we would love to give it a shot. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katrina! We don't have any instructions, I think the best we have is to zoom in on the photo there. My son made this 5 years ago, but he'll give it a go this weekend and see if he remembers anything!


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