Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hair Gel

Joe is soon to be a teenager.  Our first teenager, turning 13 next week!  Ah!  In preparation for this new chapter in his life, last night he asked me if I had any hair gel he could use.  hm?  I told him I had some got2b hair "glue" but it's real powerful stuff, just use a tiny bit.  Then I watched to see his next move.  Was this for another crazy hair day or needed for drama class?  This is new...

As we waited for kids to brush teeth before scripture reading, Joseph was in the bathroom trying out different styles.  Melodie and Ethan walked by separately and each asked as they gazed upon him with "Where is my brother Joe and what have you done with him" looks on their faces "What - are. you. doing..."  Corey piped up in Joe's defense. "Hey, back off kids.  Joe's taking the first step.  The first step to having style is realizing that there IS something called style.  Joe is becoming aware.  As for the rest of you..."  He went in and helped Joe dabble with tussling his hair this way and that.  "You want to be subtle, especially on your first attempt... don't make it too obvious"  I didn't get the camera in time to catch Corey in there helping, but it made me smile.
Luckily Joe was still working at is when I returned.  And Sophi was just leaving the bathroom after offering her tips and professional advice.  She's got style, she's a natural - look at that little palm tree up-do on top of her head.  What a babe.


  1. Awww, the teenager... we still have another year. My oldest turns 12 in March, I wouldn't mind keeping him little just a bit longer. Time is going by too fast.

  2. I recently heard this stage called "Hair Aware"...Big Step

  3. That is great Carrie! "Hair Aware" I love it!


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