Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sewer Take 2

We are up in Midway right now, renting two rooms here for two nights cause our sewer at home backed up again.  We learned it's not totally blocked off, it drains slowly.  Tuesday night Melodie noticed it leaking again in the basement, only difference this time was that she noticed it with her eyes, not her feet, as there wasn't any carpet in the way to hide it.  When we saw it overflowing we knew this time we knew to stop using water - (hooray for experience?)  Corey had Mel use chalk to outline where the water was, then we put post-its on the toilet lids with instructions to not flush and I unhooked all the flush handles for the kiddos that don't read yet.

We called the plumber Wed morning, they came in the afternoon with their camera cable.  He asked if I wanted to watch the video, I said sure.  It was interesting at first, up until I was able to identify some objects that you'd expect to find in a sewer, then I felt a little awkward and excused myself.  (Kinda embarrassing to be there with a stranger knowing that they are looking at your family' #2s.)

So, they were able to find the problem, a pipe between our house and the main sewer line is misaligned.  NOT an easy fix.  They have to come rip up the street, won't that be fun?  Hopefully they can fix it on Monday.  So we have to keep our water very rationed til then - I have taken it upon myself to be the official flusher of toilets, I'm thinking maybe (hopefully?) we can flush one toilet every hour and it will not spill over.  But as for last night and tonight, Corey knew it would be easier to just leave for a few days, and he had been wanting to come up to Midway this winter anyway.  Gonna hopefully go sledding.  Swimming too, which will be fun.  :) 

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  1. I was reading an old post of yours about Kristy Swiderski. Thanks for remembering her! Josef Swiderski(her husband)
    Ps II google her name once in a while just to see her name out there...
    Sorry for posting here I was not sure how to send a message.


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