Friday, May 10, 2013

All To Ourselves

The kids got a little spoiled at the Lawrence Welk Resort.  Our kids had never heard of Lawrence Welk before.  Most of the people we saw at this resort have heard of him, meaning they were of a different and more wise generation.  The kids said "Is this place just for old people?!?"  No, but during most of the time we were there, yes.  On Wednesday after we got back from the temple, we spent the rest of the day at the resort.  The kids played at the play room and game room and had them all to themselves, then we went to the pool and they were the only kids there too.  Which they enjoyed.
They were able to throw the frisbee and not hit any of the nice elderly sunbathers this time.
Last time we were at the pool on Monday, Joseph and Corey both accidentally hit the nice sunbathers as they played.  We apologized and the sunbathers were very kind and patient when we continued to play frisbee around them and didn't get mad at us, they even seemed to enjoy seeing a young family having fun, so that was nice.

The kids have fun playing, Melodie and Ethan stole Lily's floatie and used it for a game of "jump in the target" and then they'd have to try and flip over and dive out of it.  Jumping in was easy, diving out wasn't
But it was funny to watch them kicking their feet ungracefully in the air while their heads down in the water like a duck, made me laugh.

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