Monday, May 6, 2013

The Drive

So, we have 8 kids.  Well, for another 2 months anyway.  That makes us a group of 10.  There are not many 10 person capacity hotel rooms or cars out there.  We had to reserve two 6 person rooms at the place we stayed, so with room for two more, we thought we'd invite some company to join us.  Corey's parents thankfully took us up on it and it was a win-win.  Well, win for us, hope it was a win for them.  We got two adults to help out with logistics and managing the kids.  The kids also really liked sleeping over at Grandma and Grandpa's room.

And it also was great for driving down.  Cause we're a two car family.  After the 8 capacity vehicles they seem to make the jump up to 15 passenger vans, and Corey refuses to go that route (the thought of it makes him unable to breathe) so we have two.  With Corey's parents making the drive down with us, we were able to let two of the kids take turns being with them, so Corey and I were able to drive together, always a special treat to be in the same car with him for hours of driving.

Joe and Ethan got the first leg to Las Vegas, then Melodie and Hyrum got the Vegas to Hotel turn.  After the trip down they had room for 3 since the cooler wasn't taking a spot.  Joseph, Abi and Wes got to ride to the beach with them.  They all loved it.  Lily did bring up the point that she hadn't had a turn, so on the way home from Vegas yesterday we were going to let her ride with them, but she chickened out at the last minute.  I guess she's a daddy's girl.  

The kids did great.  They've all earned the priviledge of coming with us on the next road trip.  The only picture we took of the drive was when Sophia was scarfing down some seaweed.  I buy it at Costco and it's my substitute for chips - with the big added bonus that none of the kids ever ask if they can have some - it's always great to find something I like that the kids don't like.  Which is also why I always put spinach in my shakes, it's a guaranteed repellent to kids that aren't really hungry.  Well, except Sophi.  She loves it.  She eats it like Cookie Monster, it's pretty funny.  Just shove it in.
About to wake up the kids Sunday morning in Vegas on the trip down.  I just love to see them sleeping, it's always so cute.
Sophia was a puppy during a good portion of the trip.  It's a game they play.  When she wants to be left alone and screams at the other kids, all they have to do is start wimpering like a dog and then she's nice to them and she starts playing that she's a dog too.  Funny puppies.

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