Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Music Practice

The same thing happens every night...  they come home from school at 4, take two hours to play to help them decompress.  Dinner is at 6, then... the music begins.  Music from every corner of the house.  In the study at my computer:
Hyrum's doing the smart music there tonight.  Corey's in the front room at the cd player, trying to convince Ethan that the Soprano Sax is an instrument worthy to touch his lips.
Ethan's not convinced, but eventually (and reluctantly) conceeds some ground to his father.
Joseph is in Corey's office, which Corey rarely uses anymore as it's kinda become the music room, sorry 'bout that dear.
And Melodie is showing off her talent in the kitchen.  After watching some Lindsey Stirling videos, Corey teased Mel that she needs to take it up a notch, and tells her to go jump on the trampoline or something while she plays her tunes.  She came up with this to please him ~ presenting Melodie, the hula-hooping flutist!  
Ethan's gotta get in on the action.  Little trickier with the saxophone.  Although Ethan, aren't you glad you're doing the soprano?  I don't think you could hula hoop with the alto.
Yup, your typical night of music practicing around her.  I was out in the front yard working last night and a couple passed by walking their dog, the man said to me "We went for a walk, we end up with a concert!"  Yes, a concert everynight with music coming from every window and every room.  A great thing for the kids to be spending their time with, great job to their dad.

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