Thursday, May 9, 2013


Before we left for our trip, Corey told the kids we could probably go to one amusement park and gave them their choice of Sea World or Legoland.  Decisions decisions.  Corey helped them do some research.  The came upon a video of a SeaWorld trainer whose gone native with the sea life and is a full time mermaid now.  They then came upon this video and learned more about the sport/hobby of Mermaiding.  They all got a good laugh and were slightly disturbed.  Corey said "Hey!  I just got an idea of something that will make Park City really memorable this year!!" as he teased about renting himself a tail for swimming.  The kids were terrified "NO Dad!!  Don't you dare.  You wouldn't do that, would you?"  "Hey, I'd do a lot of things I wouldn't normally do if it means embarrassing my kids..."

So, being near the ocean and with mermaids on the brain, Corey wanted to make Mel into a mermaid, but she was focused on her castle and Joe wanted to be buried, so they began their sculpture.  He just rested in the sand while they scupted his body and made him a tail out of sea weed.  They used Melodie's swim skirt to make his top.  When they were done with his body and tail, they got him more sea weed stuff for his hair.
Ethan said excitedly "Joseph!  Open your eyes!  Funny huh!  Hahaha!  You're a mermaid!"  Melodie and Hyrum asked Joseph if he thought it was funny, too.
The sun wasn't shining but the sky was still bright, so Joe could hardly open his eyes to know what they were all smirking about.  And when he did, he couldn't see past "the humps" anyway.
But the hair stuff was stinky and everyone was ready for lunch, so we started to pick up the buckets and head to the car.  I wanted to get a few more pics of Joseph though, so I asked him to strike his best "Eric the merman"'s pose. - and I was laughing.  Highlight of the beach trip for everyone was making Joseph into a mermaid.
Good stuff, funny memories. He prefered the manly merman pose, but I thought the above pic is a definite keeper for his posterity or future funny humiliation.

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