Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ice Cream Picnic

On Monday night, to celebrate the safe return of Melodie and Ethan from their weekend trip to southern Utah, we decided to go to the park for a picnic.  We ate dinner at home first, then had an ice cream picnic.  Rocky Road and Cookies and Cream ice cream cones.  Kid heaven.
Our crew was able to finish off two half gallons before they even had a chance to melt.  I was impressed at their ability to consume.  We've never let them have that much ice cream in one sitting.  Well, maybe sometimes at a buffet restaurant or something.  Usually it's one cone and then I start my "that's enough sugar" lecture.  They even came back for more after the two half gallons were gone.  Sheesh!  That, my friends, is a low-Satiety and highly Agressive food, which I've been learning about (really enjoying this book).  So yeah, not such a healthy dessert for everyone.  I was proud that I controlled myself and just picked out some of the chocolate covered nuts as I scooped up the cones for the kids and then promptly told them to "get this stuff away from me".  That is also why this was a one time celebratory picnic.
After the treats we let them run around the park and they were all playing so nicely, it was great.  Ethan and Mel were especially happy to see Sophi.
Mel ate her ice cream with Sophi, and Ethan played on the slide with her.
They'd go down together, or Ethan would wait for her to go and then ask for her to catch him, to which she obliged.  I loved seeing her little squat, precious!
The girls took a break from tag to go see some horses that stopped by for a visit.
 After they'd worn each other out enough, Corey decided to get in the game.
...which he dominated, of course.  He says that's one of the fun things about being a dad, you finally are the biggest and fastest kid!
 King of the playground right there, oh yeah.

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