Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mother's Day Circus

On Mother's Day this past Sunday we had a little family BBQ dinner in the back yard.  After dinner, Corey got creative again (lots-o-kids and cousins make his survival instincts kick in) and soon he's come up with a game that involved the kids lining up and jumping through a hoop.  Hyrum won the gold on that one, he did it  diving through the hoop head first and landing flat with a belly flop on the hard grass.  It was pretty funny.  It evolved bit by bit, we brought out a mattress from inside.  Corey wouldn't jump without a matress, giving the disclaimer before his jump - "This is how grown-ups get hurt, thinking they're still young..." Then we added a kid role of "alligator", who tried to grab the gazelles as they hopped by.
Next, why don't we try the "kid toss" - hold 'em by their neck collar and shorts...
I love all the laughing faces in this one below, especially Melodie.
Who's next?  Wesley's turn!!
Everyone was having a fun time.  Corey, Uncle Mark, and Grandpa all jumped through the hoop, it was so fun.  Corey is so good at making this spontaneous fun happen.  He's the fun one.
Corey's turn as the alligator.
Then they did a little bit of Gladiator Jousting too, I was just laughing the whole afternoon and the kids were on cloud nine too, having fun and being in awe of their awesome Dad.
Nothing better on Mother's Day than knowing your kids provided for and loved by a great father.  A million thanks to his mother and father for being the amazing parents that raised him.  I'm forever grateful.

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