Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coronado Beach

We had a nice day at Coronado Beach last week.  The day began with Abi, Wes, Hyrum, and Ethan all crying or complaining over the idea that they would have to spend an hour in the car to do to Coronado Beach (which a friend of Corey's recommended as the best beach), instead of a closer beach that would just be 25 minutes away.  Corey said he'd take full responsibility for their horrible day, but if it turned out to be a fun they all had to kiss his feet and apologize 100 times saying "I will never doubt my father's judgement again" or something like that.

So off we went with some unhappy campters.  We listened to Coldplay Mylo Xyloto on the drive down which is now our family's official "remember that San Diego trip?" album.  When we arrived at Coronado, it was cold, cloudy, and windy.  Ethan was the first to pipe up with a "see, told you so" by saying "We shouldn't have come.  It's cold.  None of us have jackets!  I'm not going out there." Corey gave in a little bit by saying "Well, I did forget to check the weather... Let me go see.  Anyone want to come?"  And Melodie the wonderful grabbed a towel to keep her warm and joined him scouting out the beach.  They came back to the car.  "Well, it's cold and windy."  We drove to another spot, called Corey's parent's to see where they were and their thoughts.  Corey and Mel went out to look at the beach again, Ethan joined them.  They came back, we said a prayer that the sun would come out.  Corey asked the kids to just humor him and go toss the frisbee for a little bit, let's just give it an hour.  The sun peeked out a little bit from behind the clouds and the kids agreed, and ventured out.

I sounded the "get your sunblock on now" warning, remembering from my sad experience that even overcast days will fry you red.  The boys lined up for their protection.  I made sure the little kids got coated.  Melodie was busy sand-castleing, "Did you get sunblock on?" "Yeah" but she learned the next day that she didn't.  You just don't learn to put on sunblock except by painful experience.  She learned.  It's also something we usually have to learn again at the beginning of every spring or summer.
Sophia was just so stinkin' cute shoveling sand into her bucket.
She's so pretty, I just watched her the whole time with a heart swelling as I thought of the joy in the simple things in life.
After a while Lily was cold and done having fun.  
Sophia probably would have kept shoveling, but I took her with me and we went to the car to get warmed up and grab a snack.   
Corey and the kids kept shoveling.  I figured they'd come when they were hungry.  After an hour more I decided to go get them.  And I shall post tomorrow what they created, cause that is a picture worthy of its very own post.  Check back tomorrow for a look at Joseph's very first attempt at mermaiding.  You won't want to miss it!
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