Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Last day of our vacation was Saturday May 4th.  We had a nice easy morning, the kids helped clean and pack their stuff, then we went swimming.  Lily was happy to have her floatie back from the big kids.
Of course we covered up thick with the sunblock again.  At the Welk resort they have several pools by different buildings, this time we went to the one with the bigger and better waterslide.  The pool was of course busy for a weekend and a Saturday.  Having been spoiled from having the pool to themselves a few nights ago, I laughed as I heard Hyrum reveal his strategy to Wesley.  Wesley told him to stop splashing so much, and Hyrum said "If we splash, people will go away from us!"
Abi loved the waterslide.
All the other kids liked the slide, too, but soon they all voted to go up to the bigger pool where we'd been the other day.  Didn't have that to ourselves but it is larger and more accomodating to the crowds.
Lily took her lego minifigure bee girl into the pool despite my warning not to.  She lost her honey bucket in the water.  So sad, but she handled it well.  
And Sophi was just her sweet little self that she usually is in public (turning into a little 2 year old at home...)  She hung around in my arms, eventually fell asleep as I held her with the waves gently rocking us in the pool.  Then we decided it was time to be on our way to Vegas so we didn't arrive there too late.  We ran back to the room, changed  into our clothes and put the food from the fridge into the cooler and we were on our way home around 4.  It was a great trip.  Escondido was beautiful.  I could live there.

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