Monday, May 13, 2013

Legoland - Day 1

So, we went to Legoland on May 2nd.  Getting ready to head in, backpacks full of lunch and water and sunblock.
We let these three kiddos run loose.  They are liking life as big kids.
Little people had to stick close to mom and dad.  We saw the Miniland USA which was fun, the Star Wars displays were pretty cool.  Everyone had to stay outside the gate at Miniland, but sadly, that is how Sophia spent most of her day ~

Watching life pass her by, so sad.  She did okay most of the time, except when we got to the planes, cause then her "we're not allowed to ride" partner Lily actually got to go (with adult supervision) and that one left poor Sophi in tears.  Watching while we waited in line from their usual positions, then...

Lily's excited there's a ride she actually gets to go on!!
We're all having fun flying the friendly skies - Sophi, you handling this okay??  She was sad and just couldn't seem to be able to squeeze through the poles...
So while there are fun things to see, the big major cons about Legoland is that these little people don't really get to do anything when it comes to rides, so that might be hard for a family depending on how your little ones handle rejection and being left out.  Here's Lily looking at the map of all the rides she can't do.  
What was the real kicker though, we were sure she'd be able to ride the little horses, I mean that ride is basic basic and nothing threatening about it at all.  I mean look at how bored Hyrum is...

Wish Hyrum could have switched places with Lily, cause she was so excited for this one. Ethan went with Lily to take her, she made the height requirement, and after waiting in line she ran up to a pony to start to get on when we learn that we didn't notice the sign says you had to be 36 inches AND 4 years old.  Lily's not 4 for another month.  The attendant stopped and asked Ethan "How old is she?" and Lily proudly proclaims "I'm Three!!"  "Sorry, she can't go, gotta be 4."  Now that's just lame.

Another thing that's kinda lame about Legoland (but I found it really funny this time) was with the "Knights' Tournament" - on this one, you have to ride with an adult if you're shorter than 55 inches.  That means lucky Corey got to ride this one 4 times, cause Ethan and Joseph are taller than 55 inches, but Mel, Hyrum, Wesley and Abi, they all needed an adult.  I'm pregnant, so I'm out, Grandma and Grandpa aren't doing this one either, so... have fun sweetie!
Ethan and Joseph loved it, they got to do a level 5, the other kids all had to do level 1 or 2 since they're so shrot, but that's okay, those were still enough to make Corey ill.
Wes and Abi had fun.  Mel and Hyrum thought it was lame.  Of course Mel is our big thrill seeker.  As a little kid, she was the one that was loving rollercoasters while her brothers looked scared silly.  I like fast rides, but this Knights' Tournament just shakes and jerks you around, didn't look fun to me, I would have felt sick too.
So, highlight for the little kids was playing with legos of course.  They made cars and made pictures on a lego wall, good stuff.  No stools for Lily to stand on, but she made do.  Made me laugh.
Corey working on a mural with Sophia.
Corey was trying to see how many legos he could stack horizontally on the wall before the legos lost their grip...
The park closed at 5, so we hit one last ride as we made our way to the exit -
 Ethan pretending he's impressed.  Melodie has such good posture.
 Sophia, thankfully, was happy to sit and play on the unworking cars on the outside of the driving school.
Then we headed home for dinner, swimming, and "free pool!" 
I have quite a few shots like this one above from our years of carrying toddlers to parks over the years, they always make me feel so grateful for the wonderful Father my kids have.  And don't get me started on what an amazing husband he is, I'd be here all day.  ~ So that was day 1, stay tune for day 2.

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