Monday, February 1, 2016


So Natalie not only loves to sing the ABCs (as shown in her previous Ukulele ABC song clip) but she likes to play with her ABC toys. They actually belong to Abi ~ Hyrum bought these for Abi for Christmas at the dollar store after I suggested they would be a good gift cause she could play school with them (cause she always plays school, she's the teacher).

But Abi never got much of a chance, because Natalie quickly gravitated toward them and declared them her ABCs, and she's played with them ever since.
It's kinda fun to see what the toddlers like to play with. I remember we had a puzzle of a USA map that Lily was always putting together. Natalie's toy is the foam ABCs. She likes to make "a - rain - bow!" with them (to be said as you gesture your whole body to make the rainbow move, using your hands and arching them up in the air as you go from side to side in a bow starting at one hip and going up in the air like a rainbow to the other hip ((atleast that's what Natalie has to do each time she says "rainbow")). In the nursery at church, they have big foam squares like that that the kids use for floor mats. Natalie loves to put them together at church too. Maybe we'll buy another set of these ABCs for the nursery so she can play with them there too. She loves the ABCs!
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