Friday, February 5, 2016

Peek A Boo

Natalie had a fun time playing Peek a Boo with Owen and screaming "THERE HE IS!!!" everytime he pulled the little blankie off his face. I love these beautiful children so much. I pray for the world to know that children are a gift to be received with joy (not with fear!) and that they are worth any small sacrifice we might be asked to make her in mortality. I'm sad to read of the Zika virus and the defects that is said to be causing newborn babies, but pray that women will accept the children God gives them, whatever his will is and plan is for them.
This article was hard for me to read, since like most things about abortion it made me want to weep and cry for the world, but I recommend it - "When Abortion stopped making Sense". I wanted to cry reading what Richard Selzer said in that article (1975 version of it reprinted here). From this current news article:
- We had somehow bought the idea that abortion was necessary if women were going to rise in their professions and compete in the marketplace with men. But how had we come to agree that we will sacrifice our children, as the price of getting ahead? When does a man ever have to choose between his career and the life of his child?
- And the fact is, an unborn child, from the very first moment, is a new human individual. It has the three essential characteristics that make it “a human life”: It’s alive and growing, it is composed entirely of human cells, and it has unique DNA. It’s a person, just like the rest of us. 
- The minimum purpose of government is to shield the weak from abuse by the strong, and there is no one weaker or more voiceless than unborn children. And so we keep saying that they should be protected, for all the same reasons that newborn babies are protected. 
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